transition, transform, or reinvent

Absorbed pensive mature businessman sitting at desk

Course Summary

Most mature engineers follow a career path where they spend their entire careers refining their craft and expertise working towards becoming an expert in a specific domain. Many of these mature engineering professionals are being displaced and because of age bias they are finding it harder to regain a foothold in the engineering profession or in any position at the same status and income level. Ill prepared for a new employment landscape, these engineers struggle to regain their identity, as their job title was a big part of their identity and they find as hard as they push, the doors are not opening. The result of all this effort is they feel defeated and demoralised. There is an answer to getting back their identity, optimism and a new start on a late stage career path, and that is to transition, transform or reinvent.

In this workshop, mature professionals will get the tools they need and learn the following:

  • How to get hired by demonstrating functional skills from one speciality or industry and using competencies to draw the dots to a new speciality or industry
  • How to reclaim your professional identity and respect
  • How to navigate a reality of ageism, long -term unemployment or resume bias and win
  • How to let go of the resume mindset, embrace a competency mindset and learn to lead with you NOT a resume
  • How to guarantee your income by attracting, building, and maintaining relationships with leaders and executives and by developing relationships with top recruiters and transformative peers
  • Pivot: Transition or transform – when is it time to let go of trying to find the old job again and embrace a new employment or new income path and that today every job is just temporary
  • Alternatives to traditional employment. How to work by choice, freelancing, contracting, consulting, and the advantages of building an online professional services business

Paul Hill