I have read Paul Hill’s book and found it not only helpful, well thought out, and informative but actually MUST reading for all seeking new employment or a career change. Hill recommends seeking first your inner self so as to find direction for what you really want, then helps you strengthen your confidence, and finally presents a host of tactics to achieve your goal of the correct job. I will present his text to my students and recommend they read and take to heart his spot-on messages.

Dr. Don Griffin
Assistant Professor
Texas State University


“As soon as I met Paul, I knew he was someone that could help me get through my transition. He has a tremendous amount of energy with a clear focus on helping people get hired. I really enjoyed reading his book ‘The Panic Free Job Search’ and credit this to landing the role I am currently in. A quote from the book ‘the future doesn’t have to equal your past’ resonated with me. For those in transition or currently employed, pick up his book and read it ‘twice’. You won’t be disappointed, trust me.”

Steve Johnston
Vice President Sales
Matt and Steve’s


“I would highly recommend Paul’s – The Panic Free Job Search Bootcamp. Paul and Navgeet are highly energetic and truly sincere people. They made everyone feel important and valued especially at a time you are feeling your worse. You meet other fellow bootcampers that are in the same or even worse positions and together you build a positive outcome. Paul provides a stategy that I never would have thought of and then continues to provide on going encouragement and support. Paul and Navgeet are a great team and I cannot thank them enough!”

Linda Giamarco
IT Service Delivery Manager


“Paul is an excellent career coach that has had strong positive effect on my search and evaluation of potential business and career opportunities. His holistic approach, though uncommon in his field, yields big dividends in personal and professional areas in the lives of his clients. Paul’s networking techniques are unique and effective in today’s e-world. I strongly recommend Paul’s services to everyone who needs an adviser, confidant, collaborator and friend to walk beside them in their transition efforts.”

Okpo Eradiri
Pharmaceuticals R&D
Washington D.C.


“I went to Paul’s job search boot camp because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my job search. Methods that worked years ago no longer were working and I was second guessing the reasons – too old, too experienced, don’t have industry experience, etc. Paul taught me how to sell myself in a competitive job market and through this process my confidence has grown 3 fold. CEO’s and CFO’s are calling me for meetings. Once again, I am visible! I highly recommend Paul’s boot camp to anyone in transition. Thanks Paul!”

Ron Boulanger
CIO, IT Director


If you have a job or if you are looking for a new job, you need to pick up Paul’s book ‘The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired‘. I am one of the lucky one’s who got to read it and use it prior to publishing. Believe me I am living proof, you need his strategies and insights to guarantee your job search success and make sure you are continuously job empowered. Don’t give your power away to your employer learn from Paul and the anxiety and fear of job loss is a thing of the past.

Christopher Demerah
General Manager Automotive Trim Plant
Oshawa, Canada


I have recently begun working with Paul Hill, and I have already seen results from our coaching time together. Due to his objectivity, Paul has been able to help me quickly cut through some of the obstacles I was putting in my own way. He brings compassion to the interaction, while remaining direct and firm in his approach. In addition, Paul is very organized and a consummate professional.

Linda Snyder
Independent Sales Agent
Colorado, USA


Paul is an outstanding recruiter. He is so knowledgeable about job search and coaching. He was outstanding in coaching me to uncover my passion and brokering my transition from the USA to Canada.

He taught me how to uncover who I am. He taught me unique job search techniques, killer resume ideas, and networking wizardry all of which led to incredible opportunities. This came with an increase of $40K in annual salary as well as total job satisfaction. I am now empowered and free from the clutches of Corporate America forever, because now I align MY passion with the jobs I work, rather than the other way around.

I have only praise for Paul’s abilities. He is committed and dedicated – and what really stands out is that he truly cares, a rare trait to find today. You’re in good hands with Paul. Thanks Paul – you are DYNAMITE!

Navgeet Bajaj
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada


“Paul has worked with me on several recruiting projects in our Bioanalytical services area. His knowledge of the CRO and preclinical services industry has been a great resource for me and he has provided my company with a number of talented scientists on both staff and managerial levels. I highly recommend Paul and his staff for his knowledge, expertise, personal service and timely attention to our needs.” January 12, 2009

Irene Bergman
Sr. Staffing Specialist
Genzyme, Boston, USA


“Paul is a Godsend! I was stagnating, lost and miserable for over nine months when I lost my job through a restructuring until I was introduced to Paul Hill. Paul is a Godsend; his methods restored my focus and energy big time. He was instrumental in guiding me into landing a new management position. Paul is truly gifted.”

Justine Lam
SGS Life Sciences
Toronto, Canada


“Paul has an incredible energy for work, and a great sense of humor.”

Marcia Bateman
Member Services Manager at NPA
Michigan, USA


“Paul is an incredible recruiter, provides a wealth of information during the interview-engaging process, prepares the candidates with professional tips for interview and most importantly makes them feel-at-ease during the interview while steering them to provide most appropriate answers to the recruiting employers. I enjoyed working with Paul and would recommend him for anyone trying for new and challenging career placements.”

Haridoss Sarma
Research & Technology Professional
Kitchener, Canada


“Paul is more than a recruiter, he is a representative of both the clients he is recruiting for and the job seekers who need his help in reaching the right employer. Paul is persistent and consistent in his approach to bringing about the necessary contacts between prospective employers and employees. Paul’s ability to ask questions of both parties to find the key points of similarity is without equal in his field. I would recommend Paul to either a corporation or job seeker without any regrets. They will be treated with the same respect and consideration as he give all his clients. It is no wonder why Paul is recognized as one of the best in his field, he is.” October 21, 2009

Bob Mueller
Director of Laboratory Operations Toxicology
Charles River, Ohio, USA


“Paul is an inspiring speaker and life transformation career coach. He offers simple, practical, up to date strategies not found anywhere else in books or on the internet that can be put to use straight away to yield effective results. Paul is very passionate about what he does in helping people to better themselves no matter where they are starting from or what their current situation is. Paul can help to get to where you want to be.” July 22, 2011

Mistry, Jay
Project Coordinator
Toronto, Canada


“Paul is a great personal mentor and coach. He has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit and is always thinking outside the box in terms of finding new ways to get people hired and means of generating additional business revenue. He is a job search, internet, social media, marketing and internet branding expert. Paul is truly passionate about helping people find new careers and establish new businesses and also has a deep sense of compassion for humanity. He really cares about people and inspires them to achieve their goals and dreams.” July 23, 2011

Robert Bafaro
Board Member
Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada


“If your searching for a results driven, personable, punctual, creative job search expert then search no further. If you are looking to get hired…Paul will help you do it. He is inventive and has a deep and detailed knowledge of what employers are looking for. If you are tired of doing the wrongs things and not getting hired and are ready to do the right things and get hired then I highly recommend you contact Paul.” August 17, 2011

Andray Wellington
Sales Representative
Smartinfo, Kungsbacka


“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul on “both sides of the isle” so to speak. Paul recruited me for a position and I have subsequently engaged Paul as a recruiter during my tenure as Vice President and General manager at Biovail CRD. Paul is an exceptional recruiter as well as a career coach. He understands the essential element of finding a good fit for both the employer and the candidate. Additionally, Paul has an excellent understanding of the evolving world of job searches and career development in 2012. Whether it be as an employer, a recruited candidate or as an individual seeking a career advancement Paul will most definately be an asset. I continue to utilize Paul’s services today and recommend him without reservation.” September 30, 2011

Sr.Vice President Business Development
Comprehensive Clinical Development
Hollywood, Florida, USA


“I find the concept behind what Paul Hill is teaching are extremely helpful. When I have applied some of his knowledgeable teachings, it has guided me in getting contracts I may not have otherwise. I find his speaking events are high energy and inspirational. Paul is an awesome speaker. ”

Daniel Bax
Speaker & Trauma Recovery Coach
Toronto, Canada


“It was an explosive Get Hired Fast Track meetup session filled with tons of valuable information. I met Paul for the first time and found that he truly knows how to empower and inspire people. In addition to validating my ongoing thoughts, I learned several new things as well. ”

Rashid Chaudhry
Project Manager Cisco Systems
Toronto, USA


“I found Paul to be very informative on the new wave of how the business world is evolving and developing. I learned new ways on how to prospect opportunities and market myself that will represent myself as a professional in the marketplace.”

Shirit Oren
Sales Executive, Schneider National
Toronto, Canada