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Chapter 1

Must Have-Brain Wave Therapy

Learn how to use guided meditation to get aligned and get hired. Click the link below.

secret universal miund mediation cover

Chapter 2

O*Net Interest Profiler

Learn how to use the O*NET profiler to discover your interests and passion and how it relates to specific occupations and learn how to find the job or occupation that is right for YOU.

Download the O*NET Computerized Software Interest Profiler, The User Guide, more info at O*NET OnLine

The O*NET Interest Profiler (IP) is a career exploration tool which can help you discover your interests and how they relate to work or occupations you would find exciting. It helps you discover your passion and helps you relate it to a specific type of work.

Scan list of occupations by major interest

Learn how to use the list of occupations and interests and your  IRIASEC Interest Area or score.

O*NET Occupations Combined List: Interests and Work Values

Free Driving Force Assessment

Learn how to use the results of your driving forces assessment to help you select your occupation or select a new career.

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Join the Conversation COMING SOON!

Your passion – Live and work the job that fits for you and excites you. Share and build your network through new connections by sharing what you have discovered in the book. Tell us about your passion or provide what you like about the book or new ideas that you think can help other professionals, through ProfessionaliBranding, SMART search or get some help.

Behavioral Assessment

Find out how this behavioral assessment will focus you on the right job for you and learn about the importance of your behavioral assessment and how to use it to get hired. Take the Assessment.

In general these behavior traits are difficult to assess on your own. A good strategy is to take a behavioral assessment. You can find a great Psychometric evaluation/behavioral assessment here. Call us now to set-up your assessment 1-888-277-8798.

Discovering your WHY and creating your WHY VIDEO

Learn the importance of your WHY and how to use it to get hired. Click on the link below.

Create your Why Video

Chapter 4

Watch Roger Bannister Break the four minute mile

Find how why Roger Banister and this feat is so important to get you hired. Watch the video.

“Each Night in the week before the race came a moment when I saw myself at the starting line. My whole body would grow nervous and tremble. I ran the race over in my mind. Then I would calm myself and sometimes go off to sleep. (Bannister, Roger, The FOUR MINUTE MILE, 2004, p. 166).

It was believed it could never be done. He broke the four minute mile – that is, he ran the mile in under four minutes. Watch this epic video.

Chapter 5

Google Search Strings

I have updated these online search sections of the book, namely related to Chapter 5 (and Chapter 9), getting company/employer targets and contact names and decision maker names. The reason why is that technology and online search changes very rapidly today. New free tools are becoming available daily to help you with your job search and you need to be aware of them.

Table 5.1 – Plug and Search – Google Search Strings and Using Directories and Search Engines to Generate Employer Lists

Chapter 6

Clean up Your Reputation Online

Learn how to clean-up your personal footprint and make sure you are creating a ProfessionaliBrand. Besides the instructions in the book, one of the best ways to clean up your reputation online is to create a compelling ProfessionaliBrand. In other words bury the old offending stuff with the new great stuff. Be Irresistible: Get Found Get Hired will show you how to do just that in a step by step fashion. Make the investment in your future now and protect your professional assets -YOU. According to there are services like ReputationDefender at that can cost up to $10,000. You can have everything you need at your finger tips to create a great ProfessionaliBrand for only an investment of $197.00- you make the decision. Buy Now.

Chapter 7

Promote your videos

Learn the importance of promoting your videos across different sites and increase your search engine findability to draw attention from employers.

TubeMogul OneLoad is a free service that provides a single point for deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites. Once you created your iVideoResume use tubemogul to promote your videos across different sites and increase your search engine “findability” and your job offers. Go to .

Key Opinion Leader

ProfessionaliBranding Levels:

– Start podcasting. Create your web TV channel and produce videos

– Set up iTunes channel

– Set up membership sign-up on your blog and begin an email campaign, set-up auto-responders

– Produce videos, and add compelling content to your blog

– Email your membership with compelling professional content and let them know you are always available to consider offers

– Create a concerted internet marketing campaign to drive traffic to your sites and blogs

– Start live vide broadcasting or set up an internet radio channel

– Write papers, eBook or find a publisher for your book

– Set up a media kit on your web site and invite inquiries from the media

Of course there are many more initiatives at each level you can take because new sites and tools are mushrooming everyday. Evaluate and use those that offer advantages to your ProfessionaliBranding strategy.

The Importance of a Blog and ProfessionaliBranding to boost your career

Learn the importance of ProfessionaliBranding Level to your career and getting hired in a Recruiting 3.0 world. Click on the link below.

The Importance of a Blog


Creating your own resume web site or iResumePro is so important to your ProfessionaliBranding strategy and protecting your income in today’s market. Click on the link below.

The Importance of iResumePro

Buying a domain name

Buy your own domain and own your own chunk of internet real estate for only  $9.99. Getting the best domain name for the best price is easy, just go to DomainHostingPro or paste the following in your address bar –it is a SecurePayNet site own by TransitiontoHired. (Beware of providers that offer very cheap domain purchase prices, usually these are for multiple year prices and/or cheap first year with steep renewal charges and if choose to transfer at a later date stiff charges apply.)

Building a compelling iVideoResume

The Importance of iVideoResumePro


How to make social media and networking work for you

iBlitz17 Table

List of web and productivity tools

Bufferapp – manage social media – news aggregator and interaction with social networks

Mobile apps for- LinkedInTwitterHootSuiteBufferfacebook please note: facebook app at time of writing does not impress me and I’ve taken a pass on it for now

Be Irresistible: Get Found, Get Hired step by step ProfessionaliBranding

iResumePro – your own resume web site, with your own domain name

iResumePro button –check it out coming soon, under design now.

iVideoResumepro – Video resume, optimize and tag and propagated on the internet – job search management tool and contact management

Pocket Resume – Must have resume app

The Panic Free Job Search – Buy autographed book and get Be Irresistible: Get Found, Get Hired for only $197

Countdown timer – set it to 50 minutes and work hard at your job search or ProfessionaiBranding and then after 50 minutes take a 10 minute break and then do it all over again – great tool to keep you focused an on target – For people search, get a free account – make video calls or free computer to computer calls over the internet, or pay a small fee and make internet to all number calls for free.

Skype Call recorder – record your Skype calls

Google apps – has a suite of productivity tools such as Google Docs

Job Search Postcard Marketing Campaign- send out attention grabbing postcards that get results and gets you interviews. Call us to find out more…1-888-277-8798 . COMING SOON!

Google Voice – Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and many calling features Want to pick up some contract work register at this site, need a project done post it here

Chapter 8

Productivity tools

For productivity tools and resources such as and Google voice see listings above.

Pocket Resume

CamScanner – Turn  your phone into a scanner – Android app, also available for iPhone and BlackBerry


Send an eCoffee for your pre-Skype meeting or as a Thank You.

Buy the book to find out how to use a coffee gift card to explode your networking opportunites. Already read the book? Send an eCoffee Starbucks eGiftCard.

Gift of a Book

Thank your networking partners and help others out through the gift of a book. Remember a business card is soon forgotten a business book such as The Panic Free Job Search is put on a shelf and valued by most professionals and makes a great gift. Give one as a gift and every time a receiver looks at it-they will remember you. Great way to get inside and stay inside a decision makers mind. So easy and convenient order book now here online and have the book delivered for you.

Chapter 9

Postcards – COMING SOON!

You can order postcards online and have them professionally printed and back to you within 3 days. I recommend using oversize postcards in the 6 X11 dimensions.

Google Search Strings and How to Get Hiring Managers’ Names at Target Companies-Employers

I have updated these online search sections of the book, namely related to Chapter 5 and Chapter 9, getting company/employer targets and contact names and decision maker names. The reason why is that technology and online search criteria changes very rapidly today. New free tools are becoming available daily to help you with your job search and you need to be aware of them.

Table 9.1 – Plug and Search â– Google Search Strings and How to Get Hiring Managers’ Names at Target Companies-Employers_02

Chapter 11

After the Interview – Persistence and follow-up

Learn about on how to follow-up after an interview and on how to resign from a position. Click on the links below.

After the interview persistence and follow up

Resignation and Counter Offers