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The game is changing the pace of change is exponential, digital disruption, globalization, and automation are putting downward pressure on incomes. Learn how to be a driving force in your industry or in a new industry by being a sought after CEO of YouInc. You have to take charge of your career, occupation or income generating stream, now… just like the best CEOs do. You have to shift from a worker mentality to an “intellectual hustler” to make sure you remain at the top of your game or climb back into the game or find a new game. Savvy professionals are already reinventing themselves, defining their own Mass Transformative Purpose for YouInc., to take advantage of the new economy in order to guarantee their income, manage their careers, attract and get promotions, transition to a new career, attract the best talent for their teams, find exponential growth companies and/or build new businesses:

  • How to differentiate yourself in a profession where generally everyone is perceived as doing the same thing?
  • How to step-up or step-out?
  • How to position you as a sought after professional… a beaming CEO of YouInc. ?
  • How to shine the spotlight on you and promote yourself to your target audience (internal or external) in order to advance your career or build new business?
  • How to work by choice, freelancing, contracting, or consulting, and not by
  • How to guarantee your income by finding, attracting, building and maintaining relationships with the Transformative Leaders at top employers, and develop relationships with top recruiters and transformative peers?

This training is ground breaking and intensive like all the programs delivered by Transition to Hired. It’s all about putting into action not just learning concepts.

This interactive one day program will be live streamed into your homes,
no need to travel.

June 21, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm