How to change the conversation with yourself, take action and get hired?

In my work as a job search trainer I see first-hand how people come up with reason after reason to justify their passive approach to job search, which usually is characterized by sending out resume after resume and hoping their resume is the one that gets picked rather than taking an active approach to uncovering hidden jobs through networking and direct target marketing. People are their own worst adversaries when it comes to competing for jobs. Many unemployed professionals begin their job search with zeal and fervour only to lose momentum because of non-supportive self-talk. This dis-empowering inner dialogue ends up draining their confidence and energy and eventually sabotaging their job search leaving them unemployed.

Job seekers frequently come up with reasons not to follow through on an action plan that requires meeting new people, other professionals and decision makers. Not following through, regrettably, keeps them from getting what they really want –a new job. Anthony Robbins, the master inspirational speaker says “Where your focus goes, your energy flows.” If your conversation with yourself is not serving you well and your beliefs are not supporting your job search efforts then it makes sense to change your approach.

For example, a job seeker’s inner conversation, attitude and result might be something like this:

Inner conversation: “The unemployment rate is high; there are no jobs for me”

Attitude: Job hunter balks at making a call to a decision maker who has the power to hire.

Result: Job hunter gets no interviews which supports his belief; there are no jobs.

In order to change the outcome/result you need to change what you are focusing on by instituting a job search empowering belief process. Here’s what to do to instil supporting beliefs so you can have the confidence you need to take action in your job search:

Awareness: Identify the reason, behaviour pattern or belief that is limiting you.

Confront: Is the belief or reasons based on fact or is it a story you are making up to validate your beliefs. Can you come up with a story or reasons why things will work out?

Leverage: What will you lose if you don’t get a great job? What pain will you suffer if you don’t get hired soon?

Empowering belief: Create self-talk that moves you forward and focus on a story that supports attaining your goal of getting hired.

For example, a job-hunter can’t bring herself to make networking calls to meet with people who may be able to lead her to a job or to make direct marketing calls to decision makers who have the power to hire her:

Awareness: The job hunter has low energy and does not feel like introducing herself to potential networking partnersShe identifies the inner conversation “This decision maker I was going to call on my list: 1) Does not know me, 2) She is probably busy, 3) She probably gets tons of calls asking for help, 4) I will be disturbing her – why would she help me, 5) What if she gets angry, 6) She probably does not know anyone who can help me find a job because there are no jobs in my area.”

Confront: Job hunter confronts her beliefs about the name on her list: 1) People like to help others, it makes them feel good to give, 2) Many employers are looking to fill positions or looking to replace under performing employees 3) Perhaps this decision maker is seeking someone just like me now or has heard about a job or is really well connected at a company on my target list

Leverage: If I don’t make the call: 1) I won’t get closer to getting a job, 2) I won’t expand my professional network, 3) I will feel even more miserable and powerless, and 4) if I let this continue without taking charge of my job search, I am going to lose my health, my car, my house, and even perhaps my marriage.

Empowering belief: 1) People love giving and by asking for help I make people feel good because they are able to assist me, 2) My skills and abilities are in demand, I just have to find the right place and this decision maker I am calling can very likely point me in the right direction, 3) Even though unemployment is high, jobs and opportunities still exist, 4) The employer that gets me will benefit greatly because I will make their company better.

By challenging your inner conversation and replacing your limiting beliefs with empowering ones, your energy and confidence will grow and you will focus on your job search plan and take the necessary action to get hired. Remember, you can have reasons or you can have results!

Paul Hill is a Job Search expert and the Chief Instructor at Transition to Hired and the Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp. He is also the author of The Panic Free Job Search book and can be reached through his web site at