I am often asked: “Why should I attend a job search boot camp or get help from a job search expert?” The quick answer of course is because it works and if you could get hired in a great job on your own you would have done it by now. It usually takes about 3 months before the typical job seeker realizes that playing the “job application online lottery” and dabbling with networking without a plan and hoping for the LinkedIn job fairy to appear and save the day – just does not work. Oh yes sure – you are getting interviews – but are you closing the deal!

Trust Factor – Are You an Applicant or Candidate
The success in landing a job does not only come form how great you have memorized your interview answers but rather it comes down to “does the employer trust you?” and “How you came about the interview” has as much to do with the critical “trust factor” as the results of the interview itself.  Who do you think the decision maker will hire: the candidate referred by a professional or colleague he knows and trusts or the applicant he does not know who has been unemployed for over 3 months and he has just met through the 45 minute interview process? Notice how one is a candidate and the other is an applicant; Ay there’s the rub, that my misguided frustrated job hunter is the key and that is why you should get help from a job search expert now before your unemployment drags on and you pass “your best before date”.

Be a candidate not an applicant
It’s all about learning how to be a candidate and not an applicant. Learning how to set out a job search plan and how to become a candidate through proper networking and referrals is the key to landing a job that is right for you. When you do it right you do not have to settle for just what is available to you, as most applicants do today, only to be back on the street repeating the same cycle of short employment and extended unemployment, and ending up settling for diminishing returns from job to job.

Traditional job search sucks!
Let’s face it, traditional job search sucks. If you are unemployed you are most likely suffering from unemploymentosis: you are beat up emotionally, you have lost your professional identity, you have low motivation and struggle each and everyday to get-up the energy to do a boring job search; couple that with a lack of knowledge on how to land a job in the “new job search reality” and you have a recipe for disaster. It is a sure bet that as your job search stretches out month after painful month you will be witness to your own downward career spiral, because even a few months of unemployment stamps one as less desirable to employers.

CEO of HAPPEN recommends – Job Search Boot Camp
When I asked the leader of the largest network for professionals in transition in Canada about the benefits of a job search boot camp, he had this to say: “The “best before date” for the unemployed is a real issue and we have always urged our members to get back to work quickly in order to avoid being shunned for being unemployed and that is why we have endorsed this Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp because it gets people back on track fast with actionable steps plus all the on-going support they need to get hired.” said Jim Geraghty the CEO of The HAPPEN Network.

“In 21 years we have never endorsed a job search boot camp, but Paul Hill is the “real deal” and our members have been raving about his step-by-step process and his on-going support and guidance after the boot camp to keep the graduates accountable and get them landed. We have even had attendees drive from as far as Chicago to Toronto to attend the boot camp and they have been thrilled at the results”.

OK so I am tooting my horn and plugging my boot camp – why not? I am dedicated to getting the unemployed as well the employed seeking a better job, hired, and what I teach works and you need every tool at your disposal to win the race, so listen up!

Cut your Job search short and get hired
If you want to cut your job search short then it’s all about having the right plan and the step-by-step know-how handed to you by an expert so you can put it all into action and land a great job.  When deciding on a job search boot camp make sure that the boot camp you choose supports participants after graduation with a daily plan for accountability and on-going coaching and guidance to guarantee participants’ success. When it comes to the participants in the Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp not only do they get the support they need after the boot camp but they are also provided with the Panic Free Job Search Audio Series and exclusive access to the online resources of The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired.

Get your customized Job search road map
The popularity of the boot camp has been bolstered by rave reviews from recent attendees. Graduates are raving about the creation of their own customized job search road-map, complete with target contact names and information, and the “hands-on” approach of bringing their lap-tops and phones into the classroom and executing the plan on the spot.  The boot camp is 18 hours of full immersion, in order to bring about massive change and build job hunting confidence and momentum needed to uncover hidden jobs through advanced job search tactics and ultimately get hired!

Get expert help
Get expert help from a coach or take a reputable course or join us for our next boot camp. Remember, if you could do it alone you would have done it by now.

Paul Hill, is the author of The Panic Free Job Search and the Chief Instructor at Transition to Hired. Follow Paul on twitter @GetHiredFastTrk