iVideoResumePro is your video resume and it is a must add-on to your iResumePro-your personal website-resume. Employers love the iVideoResumePro! Why? Because your iVideoResumePro delivers a more engaging and powerful message than just reading your text resume alone… leading to more interest and ultimately more job offers. If you are not sure how you will look on video, don’t worry. You don’t even need to star in the video, we create your own customized personal promotional video for you. People love stories-and nothing tells your story better than a video.

The hiring process is about chemistry, and hiring managers want to hire somebody they feel comfortable with…By selling them on you with a video before they actually meet you, they feel much more comfortable, and that goes a long way to getting you the job.

Bring employers to your doorstep
The only way an employer is going to hire you, is if they get to know you, get to like you and finally get to trust you enough to open the door to their inner sanctum. A resume and a profile certainly helps, but these do not let your personality shine through in the same way a well planned and crafted video does. There is a strong appetite for rich engaging media today and a promotional video or a video resume is often the catalyst that prompts, decision makers, recruiters, and employers to contact you. Have your iVideoResumePro scripted, produced promoted for you and  attract the best opportunities.