how to position for a new employment landscape


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Course Summary

Professionals may find themselves in an unfamiliar position of seeking work in a highly competitive market due to economic factors beyond their control. It is critical that engineers position for a new employment landscape and understand how to maximize their employment opportunities. This workshop is not a get hired quick fix but rather requires preparation and deploying tactics that will get you in front of the right employers who have jobs to fill but are not necessarily broadcasting their openings. Our goal is to prepare you to become a candidate not an applicant by giving you the tools to prepare for this new job landscape and these will include:  

  • Setting yourself up to win in a hyper competitive job market
  • Learning how to get an employer to respond to you by mastering the art of professional positioning and the marketing best practices of professional recruiters and head-hunters
  • Increasing your employment options by evaluating your competencies and aligning these with hiring employers’ requirements
  • Why social capital is the strongest currency in the world and how to find and engage engineering professionals, build connections virtually, gain respect, and develop relationships that lead to introductions and career opportunities
  • Choosing the right messaging vectors – email, telephone, voice mail, InMail, videos, virtual meetings, and get decision makers (CEOs, VPs, Directors and Managers) to act on your behalf by gaining respect and building trust quickly
  • When to call on legal assistance: Protecting your rights, income, and severance pay
  • How to overcome biases, including: ageism, overqualified, long term unemployment, employment gaps, and the no experience and the no Canadian experience employer objections
  • Be the CEO of YouInc., set a job search plan, and base it on sound financial judgement, including calculating your Financial Runway and your monthly Burn Rate

Paul Hill