how to connect with decision makers and get hired

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Course Summary

From a career management perspective, networking is one of the most self-evident and one of the most dreaded professional development challenges an engineer, a new graduate, an executive, or an internationally trained professional must face. Most professionals are forced into networking when they lose a job. They usually do not have the tools or the plan to match their personal style and feel uncomfortable with a one style fits all networking strategy. As a result, they get frustrated and find networking a painful exercise. It does not have to be that way as there are different ways of networking that do not require one to feel uncomfortable about networking as a job search tactic. Networking as a job search tactic of course is a great way to get hired but it is much more than that. When job search networking is done properly, one not only gets hired but also develops a strategic network. This new strategic network can be nurtured in such a way that you will never ever have to look for another job again. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify and find the targets you need to include in your network
  • How to develop a strategic network without the fear and pain of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • How small asks and advice lead to getting hired
  • How to build business relationships and become a Superconnector
  • Understanding Personal, Operational and Strategic Networking and how each fit into smart career management
  • How to overcome the fear of networking and how to use the best tools to make networking easier and more successful
  • How to open LinkedIn and use its data to enhance and make networking easier
  • How to entice other professionals to make the first move and connect with you

Paul Hill