Hiring Solutions
Enhance your Job Postings with VIC

Video interviewing integration made easy with Virtual Interview Connections (VIC), featuring job seeker video pre-qualifying and live video interview functionality.

By adopting VIC, our customized cloud-based platform, employers, associations, universities, institutions, and organisations now have the capability to offer unique online employment services. 

The vision behind VIC is to put the personality back into the application process, speed up the hiring process, and lower costs for employers and applicants.

VIC is a one-way and two-way video platform. The one-way video feature allows employers to pre-qualify and gain more insight into an applicant through a self-recorded one-way short video Q&A session.

By reviewing a short video, the employer can qualify the applicants quickly and schedule the selected applicant for a live two-way video interview all within the platform. Quick candidate engagement leads to more hires and eliminates no-starts.

VIC can be customized to run job/career events, integrate into a job board, and tap the lucrative GIG economy through short term and long term contract services among other employment services products,

VIC is a one stop shop for your hiring needs bringing pre-qualified candidates faster, at lower cost and with less scheduling hassle. 

We invite you to integrate VIC on your Job Board and onboard new employees faster, at lower cost, and with less hassle