How to Get a Headhunter to Find You an $85K+ Job

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Head-hunters can be a huge benefit to your career especially if you can be found and recruited. However they can also negatively impact your career. Is using a head-hunter always a good strategy? In this eBook, Paul Hill discusses the best practices to get head hunters to find you a job, so you don’t have to do what you hate, job search. You will learn what to say, to get head hunters to be your “best buddy”, as well as how to help them, best help you, achieve your career or next job goals.

The downside is that head-hunters can sometimes negatively impact your career or even close job opportunities that would have been normally open to you.  If you find yourself left out in the cold for a job you apply to on your own, you may be the victim of “head-hunter sabotage” and in most cases you will never even know that you have been victimized. Get the eBook and find out from a 25 year veteran of the head-hunting trenches what to do to protect your opportunities and get the best head-hunters to find you a job.