Video Career Events – Where Talent Meets Opportunity

Connecting job seekers and employers using VIC, our integrated Video Interviewing platform to host and facilitate video employment events, video recruiting events, and video career events for associations, universities, and institutions to meet the needs of job seekers and employers.

VIC is a GDPR compliant online platform and has been customised by TTH to be a desktop, web, and mobile accessible video platform with no need for any downloads. 

What is a Video Career Event?


  • Employers provide us with job descriptions and qualifying questions
  • Pre-event – the job seekers provide a resume for the job description and video answers to the qualifying questions
  • The submitted videos are reviewed by employers and selected job seekers are invited to meet the employers through 2-way video on the event date

How does it work?

  • Job Seekers review the job descriptions and the qualifying questions and click a link that takes them to the customized employer portal.
  • Upon arrival they upload their resume and proceed to self-record 3 answers in under 3 minutes to the questions.


Employer portal example

Review and Selection


  • Job seekers qualifying videos are sent to the employer for review
  • The employers reviews and selects the job seekers for 2-way video
  • TTH set-ups the live video meetings for selected job seekers and employers for the event day.


Paul Hill Review Session Screenshot

Live 2-way Video Meeting


  • Job seekers and employers are sent the schedule for live 2-way meeting
  • A maximum of two employer representative log into their assigned private online video meeting rooms
  • Job seekers are scheduled one after another and flow through the employer meeting room seamlessly for a 15 minute meeting with a 5-minute buffer in-between job seekers
2 way live meeting screenshot example

Advantages of hosting/attending TTH’s Video Career Event

  • Time: Save recruiting time. It all happens online.
  • Quality: Meet qualified high quality talent by live video
  • Convenience: All meeting scheduling is done for you
  • Flexible access: Employer event representatives access a live video meeting room from anywhere
  • Reach: Benefit from global reach and access a large local, provincial and national pipeline of talent


We invite you to host your next Video Career Event in
partnership with Transition to Hired.