Acing the Virtual and
In-Person Interview


man being interviewed

Course Summary

Employers have been adopting video interviewing, self-recorded video answers to questions, live 2-way video interviews, and video game interviews at a quick rate as a substitute to the telephone pre-screen and as an add-on or substitute to the in-person interview. Regardless of the methodology used by an employer for interviewing candidates there are best practices you can deploy to win at more interviews and get more offers. This workshop will cover the following best practices on:

  • How to prepare and have a successful In-person, Virtual, Telephone Interview, and video game interview(s)
  • The art of connecting including body language and building trust on video and in-person
  • Making an excellent first impression, seamless connecting, proper attire/colour, and mastering executive presence on video and by telephone
  • How to answer the Biggie Questions, such as: Tell me about yourself; Why us; Why are you leaving or why did you leave your last employer
  • How to navigate the Gotcha questions; What is your weakness; What did you like least about your previous or current manager and more
  • How to answer behavioural interview questions and demonstrate skill and competencies with accomplishments and metrics and how to rephrase a question to suit your truth/experience/stories
  • Video setup, cam height and distance, lighting, background, audio and noise control, bandwidth requirements (dealing with interruptions), and proper eye contact
  • What not to share and not to ask in an interview
  • How to formulate and ask questions that are viewed favourably as serving the employer
  • How to set the stage for a follow-up, summarise why you are the right candidate, and close the deal
  • Preparing a pre- interview checklist

Paul Hill