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The Panic Free Job Search

The Panic Free Job Search book provides you with a smart search system developed by a veteran head hunter Paul Hill, with over 30 years of award-winning success that removes the cycle of rejection from job search and shows you how to get hired by accessing the hidden job market.

Say good-bye to the traditional job search and get hired by leveraging the power of Google through SMARTsearch© and best practices in Social Networking.

Chapter 5 –
Smart Search



Whether you had lost the will to take action, or you were dissatisfied with your job search and career progress, this system works through alignment, confidence, and taking tactical action. By this point in your journey, you have clearly determined your competence, passion, and your Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA). You’ve built your confidence, adjusted your self-talk to be empowering, and you have the gift of using visualization to move you forward and achieve your career dream. You now know what leads to achieving fulfillment and what the key principles of career satisfaction are. You also know the detrimental health consequences of not taking action.

Hopefully you are ready to take action to find a job meeting your criteria by deploying the innovative and proven tactics you are about to learn. Once you have defined the parameters of your job search, from where you want to live and work to the type and size of company, built the resume and profile that will attract attention, and created a strong Professional Brand, you will be fully prepared to reap the rewards of Smart Search.

In order to make the choices that are right for you, you have to understand the shortcomings of conventional search techniques, from answering ads by emailing your resume or responding through an employer’s Website, to using the services of a search firm or an employment agency.

Only nine percent of professional and technical positions are filled by search firms, according to Harvard sociologist Mark S. Granovetter.

The same analysis finds that only ten percent of such jobs are filled by advertising, where as informal contacts, such as networking and marketing to contacts, account for nearly 80% of job placements. This study is supported by more recent studies. According to a study reported on by, 23% of recent job- seekers got their jobs through advertisements. In a related article on, Susan Adams re-states’s findings and claims that the remainder 77% (or 3 out of 4, as she puts it) got their jobs through people they know, what we call networking and referrals, and by targeting and contacting employers directly or by mass mailing to employers regardless of whether they had jobs advertised.

In the best-case scenario, new jobs are found by “clicking and sending” only in about 25% of situations.

Job boards have low success rates, and the best research available show that the success rate of famous job boards such as,, and is still dubious at best. The job boards tend to be over populated and bear little fruit for the job-seeker. The “reply to the advertisement” approach on job boards is dead as an effective vehicle to getting the job you want. This was confirmed, as far back as 2002, by Mark Mehler and Gerry Crispin, principals of MMC Group, in reporting the results of their study that 3.6 percent of all external hires at the companies in their study were attributed to

More notably, something big happened in the online job market in October 2010 that makes the use of job boards even more questionable: “Job search engine slipped past to become the largest job site in the U.S. according to comScore.”

Why is this so significant? The growth of Indeed once again suggests the power of search can trump everything else and how important search engine search is to job search.

What’s inside


Chapter 1

Taming The Inner Beast


Chapter 2

Who Are You?


Chapter 3

The Power of Wishes, Dreams, and Goals


Chapter 4

Visualization: The Path to Confidence and Certainty


Chapter 5

Smart Search


Chapter 6

Build The Resume That Gets Picked 


Chapter 7

Be Irresistible Through Professional iBranding


Chapter 8



Chapter 9

Smart Search Through Direct Marketing


Chapter 10

Ace The Interview


Chapter 11

Close The Deal and Get Hired



You Are Capable Beyond Belief



What if you could wake up every morning energized and eager to take on your work challenges? What if you loved your job, work, or career? What if you could get the edge over your competition and land the job you really want? What if you could be irresistible to employers and have employers chasing after you? What if you could have financial security and never, ever have to look for another job again? Do you think you would be healthier, wealthier, and happier? Get ready to find out!

Paul Hill is a job search pioneer who has spearheaded projects recognized by industry as groundbreaking in the areas of job search, social networking and professional branding.

He is a career management professional, job search trainer and author of the bestselling book The Panic Free Job Search. His work has appeared in major media outlets, including CBC, ABC, CTV and Globe and Mail.

Paul delivers professional development and career training for professional associations, including the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), The American Society of Quality (ASQ), and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO). He is the principal of Transition to Hired where he helps professionals in transition land new employment through his retained Private Client Services practice.

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