The Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp

Upcoming dates – To be announced

Locations: Canada and USA, Livestreaming and in-person

The Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp Description

Learn how to access the hidden job market and deliver impact-full professional messages that command the attention of decision makers and open up opportunities through SMARTSearch, networking, direct marketing, and professional online branding including social networking and LinkedIn best practices. Additionally, participants also learn how to optimize their resumes to get more hits and how to increase the probability of an interview with a special “get noticed” delivery mechanism.

16-Days of Post Boot Camp Support
Participants are primed for success through ongoing support and accountability. The follow-on section of the program is based on a structured detailed 16-day post boot camp plan, including delivery of assignments on a fixed time schedule, activity tracking, group coaching, an appointed accountability partner, and access to boot camp leaders to get questions answered, re-focus, adjust, and/or customize approaches as need be.

Career Planning, Management, and Development
In addition to the initial 16-days of support, participants receive ongoing and continuous support through inclusion in an exclusive mastermind group focused on career management and professional visibility optimization to assure professional career viability for years to come.

  The Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp Testimonials


“I am an OPSE member and I attended Paul Hill’s Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp. I was very impressed and walked away with tons of value. I found that Paul is very sincere and strongly believes in what he does. The training does not end at the 2 day program but his support continues long after, with a step by step plan and coaching. I had been in transition for a while and though I knew where I wanted to go I just did not know how to get there . Paul and Navgeet provided me with the tools and the structure, and more importantly, a more positive mindset, that I needed to get my job search back on track. Sending our resumes to online job postings just does not seem to work for the majority of professionals in transition and the strategies, tools, and tactics delivered by Paul are great. The future looks bright and I highly recommend the job search program to everyone seeking a step-up in their career or to land their next job.”…Alwyn de Melo


I have landed. I want to thank you for recommending Paul Hill’s boot camp. I had been out of work for over 4 years and I am over 60 years old. Let me tell you everyone at Happen needs to go through the boot camp. It is not just about getting a job -which it will get people it is also about changing your life! I followed Paul Hill’s training to a “T” and landed my dream job as an International Sales Manager for a Burlington based Automation Company targeting the welding supply industry within 31 days. He delivers much more than he promises and one thing people will realize is there is hope and they don’t have to settle for what is available to them-he shows you how to go out and get it. When I went in to this boot camp I really did not think I would get a job – Paul and Navgeet turned us all around – and I left full of confidence, followed his process just as Paul said -and made it happen. I want to thank everyone at Happen and I highly recommend the boot camp to everyone….Eric McCarron


“Are you in career transition or a job search? I Attended Paul’s job search boot camp, and read his book and I highly recommend you do the same. This guy is the real deal. He provides value for money, has loads of experience in career change and job search coaching, and gives expert advice that you can apply immediately to your own job search. Best of all….this guy cares. He is available to support you long after the boot camp ends, ensuring a smooth and steady transition to the next career of your dreams. He is a rare find!”…Len Atkinson


Landing a job for recent graduates is very difficult. I watched my son struggle before he met Paul Hill, and attended his job search Boot camp. I saw an immediate shift in motivation after attending the boot camp. Paul provided him with a plan which was not the usual thing of applying to jobs, in fact he discouraged applying to jobs. He got him out from behind his computer and networking with decision makers which led to a number of interviews. All these meetings built his confidence and sharpened his interview and conversation skills. Danny read Paul’s book The Panic Free Job Search, which he said was excellent and used it as a reference in his job search. It is an A to Z of updated information on the new job search. It was not uncommon for companies to conduct over 5 interviews with him for one position, a draining and long process. Throughout his job search Paul was relentless in contacting Danny and coaching him and keeping him focused on his goal and Danny I am proud to say landed a job in his field of accounting. I would highly recommend Paul Hill and Paul Hill’s job search boot camp to everyone that is seeking a new job….Edith G


“I recently attended Paul’s Boot Camp and read his book (it’s excellent). Paul is highly motivational and really knows the ins and outs of job search. He is passionate about what he does and his support continues after Boot Camp. I recommend that anyone in transition talk to Paul.”…Mark Benson


“I attended Paul’s BOOT CAMP in September 2012. His program is exceptional. Everyone tells you to “NETWORK” but no one tells you HOW. Not only do you learn the “HOW, but you learn the “WHY”. Paul has taken all his years of experience and knowledge as an executive recruiter and reveals the inside scoop of how to network, get to the decision makers (rather than HR) and GET HIRED. I vouch for the fact that it is an exceptional program for experienced professionals as well as new graduates. To all parents of recent graduates. THIS BOOT CAMP IS THE BEST GIFT YOU COULD EVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN. YOU HAVE ALREADY INVESTED IN THEIR FUTURE, NOW YOU CAN GIVE THEM THE SKILLS AND OPPORTUNITY TO START THE CAREER THEY HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR.”…Susan Greenberg


“I went to Paul’s job search boot camp because I wasn’t getting anywhere with my job search. Methods that worked years ago no longer were working and I was second guessing the reasons – too old, too experienced, don’t have industry experience, etc. Paul taught me how to sell myself in a competitive job market and through this process my confidence has grown 3 fold. CEO’s and CFO’s are calling me for meetings. Once again, I am visible! I highly recommend Paul’s boot camp to anyone in transition. Thanks Paul!”…Ron Boulanger


“I would highly recommend Paul’s – The Panic Free Job Search Bootcamp. Paul and Navgeet are highly energetic and truly sincere people. They made everyone feel important and valued especially at a time you are feeling your worse. You meet other fellow bootcampers that are in the same or even worse positions and together you build a positive outcome. Paul provides a stategy that I never would have thought of and then continues to provide on going encouragement and support. Paul and Navgeet are a great team and I cannot thank them enough!”…Linda Giammarco


“Paul is relentless in his pursuit to make his clients successful because he genuinely cares about people! Boot Camp will give you amazing momentum; it’s worth twice the price. Job search or career management are the toughest projects you’ll ever work on and Paul’s formula for success takes you way outside your comfort zone until it hurts……DO IT…IT WORKS… I prepared, I made notes, I researched but when I started to follow his program I got RESULTS. Thank you so much Paul.”…Heather Jackson


“I recently attended a Paul Hill Boot Camp. My stance towards these events is sometimes a mixed bag of genuine hope that a new insight or spark will act as a catalyst to my taking required action, and skepticism over whether the organizer of the event has the content and energy to make things happen from their end – so that I can make things happen from my end.  … and what exactly are the things, formats, and mental attitudes I can most profit from – on my end? 

Paul Hill delivers.

With a combination of energy, content, life stories, and “hands-on do it right now on the spot” actions I feel I got more than my money’s worth. One quick example:  one single phone call made on the spot from the Boot Camp room to a key player in an industry I was interested in exploring, was followed up by my sending that target contact a Networking Letter following Paul’s format.  That letter got me a face to face meeting which led to important information regarding key contacts – and the game was on!! I thank Paul and Navgeet for the energy, caring, and insights obtained from real life ups and downs, real life struggles.  They have Big Energy and Big Heart.  It shows.”…Rudy De Paoli


“His book “The Panic Free Job Search” provides a different and an effective job search strategy that goes above and beyond the traditional search. The Boot Camp is the “hands on” of the book, in which Paul shares with you the secret on how to reach hiring decision makers and tips to keep you focus in your job search. Paul and his colleague Navgeet provides assistance during the Boot Camp making sure that all campers grasp the tips knowledge and skills required in the job search. After the Boot Camp session, Paul continues providing advice and coaching making sure you are on the right track. Paul is a great motivator and an inspirational person who is fully committed to the success of his clients. If you are frustrated with your job search Paul definitely will teach you the right path to achieve career success. The price of the Boot Camp is more than reasonable; it is not only the day and a half session, but also all the support provided after the Boot Camp, which I find amazing!!!!!”…Maribel


“Last Friday and Saturday, I attended Paul Hill’s Job Search Boot Camp. What an amazing experience, I can’t recommend it enough. I have implemented his techniques already and I already have a meeting with an Assistant VP. The techniques are great, but I believe the real value is in Paul’s passion for you. He truly cares about everyone in the boot camp. He literally changes your attitude about the job search mentality. His book The Panic Free Job Search is a great read.”…Daniel Gruda

“I was also a participant at Paul Hill’s Boot Camp Workshop. The session was intense, packed with relevant information for individuals who are currently in “job search” mode – whether employed or in transition. For some of us, networking is a “natural” skill — a competency which I do not master (yet). As we all know, finding “a” position is challenging enough — but finding the “right” role where our skills, knowledge, strengths and passion are utilized and we feel energized and engaged is the ultimate! Paul along with his colleague, Navgeet, provided us with some great tools and insights to keep us focused during our search. Both Paul and Navgeet are passionate and committed in seeing us succeed in securing employment. If you feel in a “dead end” or have “lost your way” in your job search, attending the bootcamp is a great investment…..Aren’t you worth it?”…
Nadine Monette


“If you are looking to kickstart your Job Search, then Paul is your guy. Backed by a great “how to” book entitled “The Panic Free Job Search”, Paul delivers exactly what he claims … a how-to practical and inciteful approach to job transition from A to Z.
Thanks for the help, Paul.
Wayne Gillespie


“I participated in Paul’s Bootcamp sessions in August 2012 which included follow-up guidance to keep myself and the other participants on track with his search methodology. Paul is high energy, creative and extremely knowledgeable about the new rules for job search.”…Doug Wylie


“Paul is an excellent career coach that has had strong positive effect on my search and evaluation of potential business and career opportunities. His holistic approach, though uncommon in his field, yields big dividends in personal and professional areas in the lives of his clients. Paul’s networking techniques are unique and effective in today’s e-world. I strongly recommend Paul’s services to everyone who needs an adviser, confidant, collaborator and friend to walk beside them in their transition efforts.”…Okpo Eradiri


“I highly recommend Paul Hill and his Job Search Boot camp. I attended last August 2012 and was very skeptical at first but Paul was patient and supportive. Paul is so passionate about what his does and wants to see people succeed. His knowledge and expertise in recruitment methods as well as his coaching were extremely powerful. Paul instructs you towards employment techniques immediately and continues to coach you throughout your transition. He provides encouragement and presses you to keep going. He even has you dancing in the morning! The networking techniques he impresses on you really work! I have made so many connections that people are now contacting me about positions opening! This is what YOU want! If you haven’t enrolled for Job Search Boot camp – do it NOW! Thank you Paul.”…Diana Timmermans